What's your lucky number?
What's your lucky number?


If Keno is your game, come on by! Kick back and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere, featuring complimentary cocktails and tons of Keno fun. For your convenience, all game results are available in-room on your TV. Just turn to Channel 38. And Keno Tickets are good for one year!

Please call or see us at the Keno Counter for details.

Check out our new and exciting games:

Mega 10 Keno

For just a $1.50 wager, you could win a progressive jackpot that’s almost $1.8 million! Follow our Keno progressive jackpots at:

Mega Keno

Mega Keno

Bet $1.50 on any of the 5 Spot to 9 Spot progressives. The progressives range in value from $1,000 to over $205,000! Watch our regular Keno board at:

Keno USA

It Just Makes Cents!

Penny a game! Play 500 Games for $5 or 1,000 Games for $10

Six Spot Special

Pays $3,000!